Course categories

 AL 2016
 NIHS traininig
 integrated module
 Staff Development WorkshopSummary
 Enhancing Healthcare in SriLanka Project
 Epidemiology 101

 pilot course
 Script Concordance TestSummary
 Staff Development WorkshopSummary

Online Diploma in Health professions Education  
 Semester 1
 Semester 2

Disaster Management 
 Selection TestThis course requires an enrolment key
 Introduction to Disaster ManagementSummary
 Orientation to the Diploma in Disaster managementSummary
 Basic concepts in Disaster ManagementSummary
 Hazard mappingSummary
 Scenario building Summary
 Planning for disaster managementSummary
 Role of the health care workers in disaster managementSummary
 Food and nutrition needs during disastersSummary
 Creating community resilienceSummary
 Implementation of a disaster management planSummary
 Data analysisSummary
 Skills necessary in providing Emergency CareSummary
 Management of Internally displaced personsSummary
 Economic RecoverySummary
 Monitoring and EvaluationSummary
 Medico legal aspects in disaster situationsSummary
 Communication skills required during a DisasterSummary
 Psychological aspects related to a DisasterSummary
 Ethical aspects and human rights related to a DisasterSummary

Online Diploma Disaster Management 

Certificate Course in Medical Education 
 Certificate Course in Medical Education
Basic Sciences Stream  
 English for Medicine

 Physiology term 1
 Physiology term 2
 Physiology term 3

Term 1 
 Epid 101Summary

 Anatomy term 1This course requires an enrolment key
 Anatomy term 2This course requires an enrolment key
 Anatomy Term 3

 Biochemistry term 1
 Biochemistry term 2
 Biochemistry term 3
Applied Sciences Stream 
 Medico-Legal Module
 Blood and Lymphoreticular System Module
 Cardiovascular System Module
 Endocrine and Metabolism Module
 Foundation Module (1)
 Foundation Module (2)
 Gastrointestinal System ModuleSummary
 Infectious and Parasitic Diseases Module
 Mental Health Module
 Musculoskeletal System Module
 Nephrourology Module
 Neurology Module
 Nutrition, Growth and Development Module
 Reproductive Health Module
 Respiratory System Module
 Special Senses Module
 Trauma Module

CVS Module 
 Learning ECG
 Rheumatic Fever
 Heart failureSummary

 Cardiovascular Case Scenarios
Community Stream 
 Stage I
 Stage II
 Stage III
 Stage IV
Behavioral Sciences Stream  
 Personal DevelopmentSummary
 Basic Behavioural SciencesSummary
 Communication SkillsSummary
 Changing BehaviourSummary
 Medical EthicsSummary
 Health ManagementSummary
Clinical Sciences Stream  
 Electives Programme

Introductory Clinical Sciences 

Clinical Rotations 

General Medicine and Allied Specialties 
 First Clerkship in General Medicine
 Second Clerkship in General Medicine
 Clerkship in Cardiology
 Clerkship in Rheumatology
 Clerkship in Neurology
 Clrkship in Respiratory Medicine
 Clerkship in Dermatology
 Clerkship in Nephrourology
 Clerkship in Clinical Pathology
 Clerkship in Transfusion Haematology

General Surgery and Allied Specialties 
 First clerkship in General Surgery
 Second Clerkship in General Surgery
 Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care
 Orthopaedic Surgery
 ENT Surgery - (Otolaryngology)
 Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Gynaecology and Obstetrics 
 First clerkship in Obstetrics and Gyneacology
 Second clerkship in Obstetrics and Gynaecology

 First clerkship in Paediatrics
 Second clerkship in Paediatrics
 Third Clerkship in Paediatrics

Psychological Medicine 
 Clearkship in Psychological Medicine

First Contact Care 
 Clearkship in First Contact Care

Final Year Professorial Clerkships 
 Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Therapeutics and Toxicology